The capital of Kayin State, Hpa-An is a picturesque town encircled by dramatic mountain scenery which juts from the surrounding plains. You can see many large and religiously significant caves in these mountains. Besides these mountains and caves, the laid-back atmosphere and cloud-scraping islands of the surrounding countryside are also the highlights of the area.

One of the most impressive experiences is a trip to Saddan cave, with its enormous cavern, rows of Buddha statues and a breath-taking view of a secret lake. Visitors can study the interior wall of Kaw Goon Cave which is covered with thousands of tiny clay Buddha images. Down at ground level are also Buddha statues of standing and reclining in various position. For photography enthusiasts, look no further than an early morning, or late afternoon and visit to Kyauk Kalap Pagoda as it perches precariously on top of a severely weathered section of limestone rock. Under Mt.Zwegabin, there is the Lumpani Park which contains 1000 Buddha statues seated under Banyan tree.

In spite of a small town, Hpa-An is a busy commerce center with many farmers coming to town in horse carts or trishaws stacked with baskets to sell in the market.

The main attractions are scattered around the beautiful surrounding countryside, making this is an ideal area for relaxed touring. The singularly distinctive limestone pinnacle forming the Zwegabin Mountain provides a dramatic backdrop for Hpa An.

Travel by road is the only way to get in Hpa-An. The journey will take around 6 hours.