Dawei, a coastal region and the capital of Tanintharyi Division, lies in Southern part of Myanmar. Various nationalities such as Bamar, Mon, Kayin, Rakhine and Shan totaling over 120,000 are residing in Dawei. Under British rule Dawei was known as Tavoy, and is still sometimes referred to by that name.

Dawei is a trading hub and quickly progressing town, the true size of the city is hidden beneath the coconut and betel nut palms which give the city a tropical jungle feel. It also features some interesting colonial architecture, with many old wooden, thatch-roofed bungalows and some brick and stucco mansions.

There are a number of beaches in its vicinity. Just 8 miles from the town is the most famous Maungmakan beach which is now being developed and upgraded and it is famous for its delicious seafood.

The most venerated pagodas are the Shin Motehti Pagoda (a few miles south of the town), Shin Datweh Pagoda in the north and Shin Maw Pagoda on the Dawei promontory. A 243-foot long reclining Buddha image occupies the Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda.